Sentry IT Fire and Gas Detection Solutions

Facilities ranging from small CNG filling stations to fleet maintenance buildings, wastewater lift stations to wastewater plants, compressors, pipelines, refineries and even data rooms and cell tower huts present a common set of risks of hazard gas. Combustible gases such as natural gas (Methane) or Hydrogen represent a risk for facilities due to fire or explosion. Toxic gases including Carbon MonoxideHydrogen SulfideChlorine and many others represent a risk to personnel, while inert gases such as Nitrogen can cause Oxygen displacement leading to asphyxiation. Facility managers must identify hazardous gas risks, mitigate the possible causes and design continuous monitoring systems to warn of dangerous conditions. Many facilities also need to protect themselves from flame hazards.

Protection from gas hazards is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Systems must be designed to provide the appropriate level of protection and response commensurate with the risk level and the resources available to install and manage the system. Sierra Monitor’s Sentry IT fire and gas detection solution includes standalone sensor modules that can be integrated into the user’s safety and control system, controller based systems with extremely flexible logic for customized response, and enterprise wide systems that incorporate IoT functions such as network connectivity, acheter du cialis en ligne web-server graphics capabilities, and cloud data analytics.




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